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Back into the guppy hobby!

Back into the guppy hobby! Continue reading

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Guppies and sexual conflict? It’s a genital arms race

(Phys.org) —It’s not always easy to tell if a fish is male or female: they look more or less the same. But there are exceptions, such as guppies and, as with humans, guppy genitalia varies in size across the species. … Continue reading

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An outstandingly beautiful single male guppy, no matter how many trophies he may come home with, does not make a champion guppy strain… or a champion guppy breeder. You can be justifiably proud of your win in the single classes … Continue reading

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Show Guppies

by Steve Rybicki; I have been breeding guppies for more than 30 years. I always obtain the best stock available and then work with it using proven techniques and careful selection. I am every bit as strict with the quality … Continue reading

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