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Hospital Tanks by Mary Jane

Hospital Tank/Quarantine Tank – essential in fishkeeping. Whether used only when needed or kept with fish in it that can be removed when necessary, a hospital tank should be available whenever needed to isolate and treat sick fish. This would … Continue reading

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Getting New Guppies?

Some tips to keep your new guppy, and the fish you already have, safe! The guppy keeper should remember that many diseases and parasites can simply be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the guppy tank. Regular, non-stressful water … Continue reading

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Guppy Colouration by Mary Jane

So, What Colour Are Your Guppies? There are four main body colours in most fancy guppies: the golden, blond, albino, and the original, wild, gray. There are also a couple of rare colours which are bronze (such as the Moscow … Continue reading

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Guppy Glossary – Meanings From A to Z by Mary Jane

Acclimation: the process of slowly introducing a fish to new water conditions. Acid: a solution (i.e. water) with a pH less than 7.0. Activated Carbon: a highly porous filtering medium prepared by exposing organic materials such as bones to high … Continue reading

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Fry Tank Maintenance by Mary Jane

A good temperature for fry is 80°F, which gets their metabolism in high gear. However, this is not a necessity — mid 70’s is sufficient. At the higher temperatures, they will eat more and grow faster. This is important when … Continue reading

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Feeding the Growing Guppy by Mary Jane

As a guppy grows, so does his variety of foods! It is easy to overfeed adult Guppies. While Guppies can eat and eat, they should not be fed as much as they can eat. Males will develop a noticeable – … Continue reading

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Guppy Fry Needs by Mary Jane

Feeding Fry New-born fry have tiny mouths and huge appetites! They empty their stomachs every 20 minutes! Of course, it is not wise or feasible to feed them this often. Feed your guppy fry 4 to 8 times daily. When … Continue reading

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There are many diseases that can attack a guppy. Here I will attempt to explain some of the most common ones that guppies experience. Fungus Fungus is actually a colourless plant which appears as a whiteish cotton-wool look on the … Continue reading

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Guppy Facts by Mary Jane

The guppy is named after the Rev. J.L. Guppy of Trinidad, an early collector of the species from the late 1800’s. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are placed in the family as mollies and mosquitofish. Natural habitat The wild, original guppy is … Continue reading

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There many, many different ways to involve yourself in the hobby of breeding guppies. Many people start out with an interest in the new fish they have acquired since they are beautiful and seem to reproduce with reckless abandon. As … Continue reading

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