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Gene variations in breeding guppies by J. Håkan Turesson

Genetic variation means the following – there are various variants of gene abnormalities within a population or an individual. Each specific fish has only two copies of each gene, so it can have a maximum of two gene variants. However, … Continue reading

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Genetika Gupika :: Teorija & Praksa :: Ukrstanja :: Crveni Japanski Mozaik

Od prvoga dana kada sam ugledao ovu sortu/vrstu zainteresovao sam se za njen genotip (njenu genetiku), od cega se sastoji ova gupika. Neke od danasnji novo-dobiveni sorti/vrsta su dobro opisane i pojasnjen je njihov genetski kod (od cega se sastoje), odnosno … Continue reading

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Leucophores / Genetics

Leucophores are flattened, elongate, reflective cells found in the skin of many shallow-water octopods, some cuttlefish and the squid Sepioteuthis (Hanlon and Messenger, 1996). According to Cloney and Brocco (1983) each cell body of a leucophore contains a nucleus, scattered … Continue reading

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Iridophore – the cell

The iridophore cell is one type of reflective pigment cell that is found in many different kinds of animals including reptiles, invertebrates, insects and fish. Also called a guanophore, these cells contain reflecting platelets made of crystalized purine deposits, specifically … Continue reading

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NEW Table “Russian Base body colors guppy’s genes”

Has completed preliminary work to create a completely new table “Base body colors genes of guppy”, which has no analogues in the world. The philosophy and the new general of idea of a new classification of the old body colors … Continue reading

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GENETICS OF GUPPY by В.В. Сторожев & С.А. Апрятин

ГЕНЕТИКА ГУППИ / ГЕНЕТИКА ОКРАСА ГУППИ translated from Russian to English (translation of a publication nr.1/2009) GENETICS OF GUPPY   Guppy color genetics by W. Storożew and S. Apriatin We have great pleasure in proposing to your attention dear readers … Continue reading

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