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Researches * Fish * Genetics

  • The formation of color patterns [read]

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Guppy Blogs * Breeders Website

  • Swordtail Guppies  by Alan S. Bias  [enter]
  • Guppy Champion  by James Alderson  [enter]
  • Guppy Dreams  by Terry Aley  [enter]
  • Frank Guppys  by Frank Schulterbrandt  [enter]
  • Quality Guppies  by Gary & Tim Mousseau  [enter]
  • Championship Show Guppies  by Stephen Neil Kwartler  [enter]
  • Guppy Focus  by Tobias Bernsee  [enter]
  • Half Black Purple Guppies  by Raj Seshagiri  [enter]
  • Show Guppy  by Rick Grigsby  [enter]
  • Guppy Realm  by Wee Yap  [enter]
  • Top Rank Guppies  by Steve and Greenleigh  [enter]
  • Guppyzolder  by Michael Driesman  [enter]
  • SLINGERGUPPY  by Marco  [enter]
  • KaOs  by Claus Osche & Katja Tyka  [enter]
  • Gorgeous Guppies by Bruce  [enter]
  • Fancy Guppies by Stan Shubel  [enter]
  • The Fusion Of Art & Science by Ardy Ishkiel  [enter]
  • Guppy Web by Anne Lyksgaard  [enter]
  • Guppies Onli by Chris Yew  [enter]
  • Afish by Charles Pratt  [enter]
  • Björn guppyblog by Björn Lundmark  [enter]
  • Mickes guppyblog by Micke Norberg  [enter]
  • Tommys guppyblog by Tommy Henriksson  [enter]
  • Hochzuchtguppys by Hans-Peter Neuse  [enter]
  • Ralfs-Guppy-Blog by Ralf Loch  [enter]
  • Guppy Truth by Anderson  [enter]

In Memoriam

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Fish Food * Aquarium Supplies

  • JHEMCO  Fish Room Supply House  [enter]

Brine Shrimp Direct

Russian Guppy Club

Russian guppy club Moscow guppy club

Russian guppy genetics