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Some useful things we should know about Fancy Tail “Show Quality” Guppies …

Guppy Facts by Mary Jane

The guppy is named after the Rev. J.L. Guppy of Trinidad, an early collector of the species from the late 1800’s. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are placed in the family as mollies and mosquitofish. Natural habitat The wild, original guppy is … Continue reading

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There many, many different ways to involve yourself in the hobby of breeding guppies. Many people start out with an interest in the new fish they have acquired since they are beautiful and seem to reproduce with reckless abandon. As … Continue reading

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Show Guppies

by Steve Rybicki; I have been breeding guppies for more than 30 years. I always obtain the best stock available and then work with it using proven techniques and careful selection. I am every bit as strict with the quality … Continue reading

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Tail and Fin shapes of guppies

Currently there are 12 finnage forms  recognized in Europe by the IKGH. Show quality ornamental fancy tail guppies are judged by the body and fins characteristics like their shape, size, proportions collors and patterns.

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What’s the difference between a strain and a species?

Species are reproductively isolated. Strains can mate.               Sve fotografije su moje vlasnistvo (u slucaju da nisu, autori/vlasnici tih slika su navedeni u tekstu ili su potpisani ispod fotografije/slike) i mogu biti koristene samo … Continue reading

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