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Nakon bezbroj ukrstanja, odredio sam svoj konacni cilj!

Kao sto sam vec naveo u mom posljednjem clanku, moj rad je fokusiran na Moskovskim crvenim dvobojnima (Moscow BiColor). Danas imam moje dvije orginalne linije (koje sam odlucio da sacuvam), koje su stvorene u mojim akvarijumima. Nazvao sam ih; Moskovski … Continue reading

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Nikola’s results from IFGA Annual Show 2019 Seekonk, MA

This is Nikola’s second time to attend and participate in the IFGA Annual Show. Nikola is only five years old, but he looks a little older as he is much taller than almost all peers 🙂 He already clean the … Continue reading

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Ovo je vrlo skakljivo pitanje na koje ne mogu odgovoriti sa samo da ili ne. To sto treba da znate je da neke ribe koje “pokazuju kvalitet” (show fish) mogu se pokazati kao veoma lose u uzgoju. Imajte na umu … Continue reading

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Tips And Tricks by Mary Jane

When cleaning your box filters, save 1/3 of the cleanest floss to insert between the new floss. This will help seed your new floss with good bacteria. When cleaning a confined space such as a breeder box or small tank, … Continue reading

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Guppy Glossary – Meanings From A to Z by Mary Jane

Acclimation: the process of slowly introducing a fish to new water conditions. Acid: a solution (i.e. water) with a pH less than 7.0. Activated Carbon: a highly porous filtering medium prepared by exposing organic materials such as bones to high … Continue reading

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Guppy F.A.Q.’s by Mary Jane

All new guppy-keepers have similar, exciting questions. Read below for the answers…   Question 1: How soon can guppies multiply? Females mature at about 3 months of age, perhaps sooner in a warmer tank. Males sexually mature somewhat sooner. The … Continue reading

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Hospital Tanks by Mary Jane

Hospital Tank/Quarantine Tank – essential in fishkeeping. Whether used only when needed or kept with fish in it that can be removed when necessary, a hospital tank should be available whenever needed to isolate and treat sick fish. This would … Continue reading

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