BLUE / PURPLE Hawaiian MOSCOW for sale


I spend a lot of time working on improving them …



I was created this line back in 2010
using Luke’s Hawaiian Moscow and Shubel’s (Full) Blue Delta.
I got them back in May-2015 and cross them back
in to original Hawaiian Moscow from Hawaiian breeder.
The problem with this line is that males have a blue color over body
with purple caudal and dorsal fin
but they have very good body shape and size.
They are crossed with our Line 2 to improve the body size on Line 2
and color (purple) on this line.
This strain gets very large and it is always fertile.
Also, because of crossing, in drops can be found
blue/purples, blue/greens, light and dark greens and even blacks!
It is fun to work with this line, full of surprises!

Updated on 10/23/2016

I decided to keep and breed their ‘dark green’ siblings,
I will try to make a new true-breeding DARK GREENS!


Igor’s Green Moscow

Updated on 11/20/2016


Hawaiian Blue/Purple Moscow

I took them to the SJGG Bowl Show (11.20.16 SJGG meeting) today …
They took 3rd place in Tank Entry (2 Matched Males)
and 1st place in Open Male Class.

SJGG Bowl Show

My wife and I donated our entries to the club (SJGG).

Updated on 12/18/2016

Wonderful Surprise!!!

After long time of breeding Moscow guppies
for the first time *blond* appear in the batch!

As I stated before, this line is full of surprises!!!


The camera flash picks up colors
that aren’t normally visible
(or not quite as much as you can see in the picture)
such as the yellow color in the tail of this guppy.

Updated on 02/12/2017


I will still use them for creating new purple line
which I will named D’Moscow Purple King.



Check our auction for Hawaiian Moscow on eBay and AquaBid.


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