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The following article is based on remarks made to the regular meeting of SCGA on June 7, 1973 by Midge Hill. We all know that the best advice one can receive (and follow) on how to breed show guppies is, … Continue reading

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How To Maintain A Guppy Strain … The specific breeding techniques we use to maintain or improve a color strain vary from breeder to breeder and are strain dependent. Still, the basis for all breeding programs consists of the following … Continue reading

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Maintaining a color strain involves several basic procedures which need to be undertaken to achieve desired results. These include the following: proper breeder selection, purchasing and acquiring supplies, basic care and maintenance, feeding techniques, culling and selecting, basic knowledge of … Continue reading

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Made the difficult decision …

Currently, I am focusing on one strain only (HB Pastel). When I decided to start with Show Quality Guppies [IFGA standard] I chose three strains that I will keep, breed  and hope to show. Yes, I do like other guppy strains also, … Continue reading

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Selecting A Breeding Program By Stephen Kwartler

There must be one strict rule to follow when one decides to breed show guppies. If you decide that you really want to breed and produce the best quality show fish, you must obtain your ‘seeds’ from the best source … Continue reading

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Iridophore – the cell

The iridophore cell is one type of reflective pigment cell that is found in many different kinds of animals including reptiles, invertebrates, insects and fish. Also called a guanophore, these cells contain reflecting platelets made of crystalized purine deposits, specifically … Continue reading

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Green Delta (Green Triangle) Guppy – History, Description, Genetics

History One of the oldest green guppystammen is Parrish Green. In this tribe voting the color of dorsal and tail fin does not match well, with the dorsal fin is usually lighter in color than the tail. The Guppen from … Continue reading

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