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There are No Guppy Genes …

There are no guppy-specific genes! There is a guppy specific way of using common genes found in other animals to create its body architecture and of course its colorful patterns.

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Less attractive fish have ‘better sperm’ …

Colourful males have poorer quality sperm than their drabber counterparts. In a study of tropical guppies, scientists have found that the less attractive males have “better sperm”. The research revealed that colourful flamboyant-looking males “invest” in their appearance at the … Continue reading

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Half Black Pastel Guppy – History, Description, Genetics, Breeders Comments …

History The first Half-Black Pastels came from a breeder in Germany (Frankfurt/Main), Mr. Gerhard Gellrich. He shipped his new strain to the U.S. sometime around the end of the sixties. At the same time he shipped some to Japan. The … Continue reading

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